The ScaraBot Smart Battery Pack is a safe, fully self-protected, high energy density, rechargeable Li-Ion Battery containing two indepen- dent battery packs in one housing with two integrated, galvanic separated Battery Management Systems (BMS). The battery provides so a redundant power-supply for safety critical missions like Drones and UAV application. The BMS provides a standard SMB1.1 communication interface which enables the mastering system to read with high accuracy state of charge and battery diagnosis. A smart charger can be controlled by the standard JEITA charging interface.



100% Rechargable life



High Power Density, No memory effect






MAx Capacity

Compact and Redundant Smart Battery


Connectors and Indicators

Front View

Back View


Main Features
· Dual Li-Ion Smart Battery Back · Fully protected
· High Energy Density, Light Weight · Single cell undervoltage and overvoltage protection
· 22.2V|18Ah(9Ahx2)|380Wh · Overcharge and overdischarge protection
· Max Discharge Current80A · Overcurrent protection at charge and discharge
· Max Charge Current 9A (4.5A x 2) · Shortcircuit protection
· UN38.8. certification in preparation · Integrated cell balancing
· Precharge feature to avoid inrush current · Overtemperature protection at charge and discharge

Security First

Safety (1st level)

  • Cell over- and undervoltage protection
  • Charge and discharge overcurrent protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overtemperature protection at charge and

Safety (2nd level)

  • Safety overvoltage and undervoltage
  • Safety overcurrent at charge and discharge
  • Safety overtemperature at charge and
  • Cell imbalance detection
  • BMS electronic failure detection

Charge Control

The smart battery management system provides a charger control according JEITA standard to provide at any time the optimum charging profile by the charger according the status of the battery. This allows e.g. limiting of the charging current at
low temperature an enabling fast charging at safe temperature range.

Inrush current limitation

When connected to high capacitive loads, the inrush current is limited by a time limited low current precharge phase. This avoids electrical sparks and enlarges lifetime of the power connectors.

Dimensions and Weight

Dimension of the Battery

185x72x70 mm (W x D x H)

Battery Weight



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Main Features


Its size and usability makes them perfect for transportation along with your copter and batteries.


The ScaraBot Smart Charger can be expanded with other components easily without integration needed.

Light and Robust

Made of durable, robust and high quality ABS for long live service

Easy to Use

No need of implementation or configuration of any parameter. Just connect the battery and the charge will automatically adjust. 

2 Version Available

600 or 1200W available. Either be able to charge two or 4 Batteries at the same time.

Thermic control

Build in with thermoresistors and fans to automatically warm up or cool down the batteries. 

Too easy to use!

Dimensions and Weight

Dimension of the Charger

155.9x116.5x124 mm (W x D x H)

Charger Weight